• Life on the Preservation

    "A writer of extraordinary ability; the promise of Skillingstead’s previous short fiction is here transformed into an exceptional novel. . ." -- BSFA (British Science Fiction Association)

    Nominated for the 2013 Philip K. Dick Award
    Inside the Seattle Preservation Dome it's always the Fifth of October, the city caught in an endless time loop. "Reformed" graffiti artist Ian Palmer is the only one who knows the truth, and he is desperate to wake up the rest of the city before the alien Curator of this human museum erases Ian's identity forever. Discover the reality bending SF of this new author in this astonishing story...
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  • Harbinger

    "Skillingstead re-creates the atmosphere of old-style Vonnegut and the ingenuity of Philip K. Dick in a tale that holds its greatest appeal for readers who enjoy contemplating eternal truths in fictional form."
    -- Library Journal

    Six years after a drunk driver kills his mother and brother on Halloween night, Ellis Herrick awakens to find himself changed by a mysterious power. For the next two centuries Ellis pursues answers to the riddle of his immortality, a journey that takes him from the irredeemable past to the far reaches of outer space - and ultimately to the innermost caverns of his wounded psyche. Harbinger is a novel of adventure, evolution, imperishable love, and the shifting nature of personal reality...
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  • Are You There

    Are You There and Other Stories

    "…readers braced for powerful emotions will find this collection more than worthwhile.” — Publisher’s Weekly

    Unconventional and deep, this dynamic collection of 26 stories offers a wealth of fantastical and horrifying settings. Several perspectives on life after death are explored—reincarnated swarms of nanobots with digital personalities and a spirit wandering a bleak and violent city in search of lost love—as well as dynamic themes of alien invasion and Lovecraftian horror...
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