Life on the Preservation

FC-BCLIFEONTHEPRESERVATIONUSA-1“Having invited comparison with one of the greatest SF writers of all time [Philip K. Dick], how does Skillingstead fare? Very well.” — SFX

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About the Cover Art
Vincent Chong’s sketches and final cover art
View alternate cover for British edition by Pye Parr
“So as not to compete with Vinny’s I went as graphic as possible for this cover. Below are some of my rough mockups, some of which taking the idea of living inside a preservation dome a bit more literally than others. I’m glad this version was chosen too, the others where probably a bit obvious.” — Pye Parr View mockups by Parr

More praise for Life on the Preservation:

Nominated for the 2013 Philip K. Dick Award

“Never has the disbelieved loner been more romantic or sympathetic.” — Strange Horizons

“A writer of extraordinary ability; the promise of Skillingstead’s previous short fiction is here transformed into an exceptional novel about post-apocalyptic survival and alien occupation.” — BSFA (British Science Fiction Association)


“It’s only slightly hyperbolic to claim that what Hemingway did for bull-fighting, Skillingstead is doing for SF tropes. He makes them truer than they have been by showing that they were false. Harbinger makes SF “conceits” like immortality and the search for self authentic and painful — tools of trauma and rarefied beauty.”– Alvaro Zinos-Amaro for New York Review of Science Fiction (Read the full review here)

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More praise for Harbinger
“Skillingstead re-creates the atmosphere of old-style Vonnegut and the ingenuity of Philip K. Dick in a tale that holds its greatest appeal for readers who enjoy contemplating eternal truths in fictional form.”– Library Journal

“When Jack Skillingstead turns to the novel in Harbinger, he mingles elements of the genres we tend to call SF and mainstream so fluently it’s clear they’re all parts of a single language: one that subverts cliche and probes under the surface to find both humanity and “singularity” in everything from family traumas to a far future of artificial reality and long-distance space travel.”– Faren Miller for Locus

“In a story that spans hundreds of years, multiple planets, and shifting realities, (Skillingstead) somehow renders an intensely personal portrait of one man struggling to understand himself. The effect is like reading classic Vonnegut or Dick, but with an emotional punch that is uniquely Skillingstead.”– Daryl Gregory, Author of Pandemonium and The Devil’s Alphabet


Are You There and Other Stories

AYU-1“Each tale, by itself, is brilliant or close to that.”
– John Clute for Strange Horizons

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More praise for Are You There…

“…readers braced for powerful emotions will find this collection more than worthwhile.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“These 26 stories could have been dictated by demons from The Twilight Zone, they’re so odd and so distinctively uncommon. They’re also that good, that funny, and that outrageous. Skillingstead has arrived, and there’s no putting his genius back in the bottle now. That’s the happy ending we’re left with as we shut this collection with wide eyes and a big, stunned grin.”
– Kilian Melloy for Edge
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“Characterization is the strongest of Skillingstead’s many strong points.”
– Cynthia Ward for Internet Review of Science Fiction

“…each story proclaims that Jack Skillingstead is a major author in the genre of SF.”

“Jack Skillingstead’s stories are smart: smart in the sense of intelligent, savvy, stylish, biting, and succinct. And they all have heart. Choose any tale in Are You There—the Ellisonian opener “The Avenger of Love,” the tersely convolute “Life on the Preservation,” the Shirley Jacksonesque “The Tree,” the poignant closer “Stranger on a Bus,” or any of the gems in between—and that story will flash upon you like a memory, with a light at once familiar and uniquely brilliant. I am not only a reader of these pieces, but a devout admirer of their art.”
— Michael Bishop, author of Brittle Innings

“Jack Skillingstead writes the noir of the future, dark and cool and literate. I loved these stories so much that I worried I’d finish the book and run out of stories. But Jack, thinking ahead, has written more books.”
— Eileen Gunn, author of Questionable Practices

“A generous collection! Skillingstead makes elegant use of classic SF tropes. The wonder is sharp-edged, the dreams disturbing, and the human relations hard and real in ways you won’t find anywhere else!”
— Richard Bowes, author of If Angels Fight

“Protagonists with ruptured childhoods fight solipsism on near-future mean streets tingling with avatars and ghosts and parallels and deaths. Each tale, taken individually, is brilliant.”
— John Clute, Strange Horizons

“Jack Skillingstead is fearless. No one in SF writes about death, sex, loneliness, and love with such searing honesty.”
— Daryl Gregory, author of Pandemonium and Afterparty

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Bean There, via Escape Pod

John Picacio on creating the cover art
View original cover art by Picacio