“It’s only slightly hyperbolic to claim that what Hemingway did for bull-fighting, Skillingstead is doing for SF tropes. He makes them truer than they have been by showing that they were false. Harbinger makes SF “conceits” like immortality and the search for self authentic and painful — tools of trauma and rarefied beauty.”– Alvaro Zinos-Amaro for New York Review of Science Fiction (Read the full review here)

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More praise for Harbinger
“Skillingstead re-creates the atmosphere of old-style Vonnegut and the ingenuity of Philip K. Dick in a tale that holds its greatest appeal for readers who enjoy contemplating eternal truths in fictional form.”– Library Journal

“When Jack Skillingstead turns to the novel in Harbinger, he mingles elements of the genres we tend to call SF and mainstream so fluently it’s clear they’re all parts of a single language: one that subverts cliche and probes under the surface to find both humanity and “singularity” in everything from family traumas to a far future of artificial reality and long-distance space travel.”– Faren Miller for Locus

“In a story that spans hundreds of years, multiple planets, and shifting realities, (Skillingstead) somehow renders an intensely personal portrait of one man struggling to understand himself. The effect is like reading classic Vonnegut or Dick, but with an emotional punch that is uniquely Skillingstead.”– Daryl Gregory, Author of Pandemonium and The Devil’s Alphabet