Life on the Preservation

FC-BCLIFEONTHEPRESERVATIONUSA-1“Having invited comparison with one of the greatest SF writers of all time [Philip K. Dick], how does Skillingstead fare? Very well.” — SFX

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About the Cover Art
Vincent Chong’s sketches and final cover art
View alternate cover for British edition by Pye Parr
“So as not to compete with Vinny’s I went as graphic as possible for this cover. Below are some of my rough mockups, some of which taking the idea of living inside a preservation dome a bit more literally than others. I’m glad this version was chosen too, the others where probably a bit obvious.” — Pye Parr View mockups by Parr

More praise for Life on the Preservation:

Nominated for the 2013 Philip K. Dick Award

“Never has the disbelieved loner been more romantic or sympathetic.” — Strange Horizons

“A writer of extraordinary ability; the promise of Skillingstead’s previous short fiction is here transformed into an exceptional novel about post-apocalyptic survival and alien occupation.” — BSFA (British Science Fiction Association)